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CoverPro Automatic Pool Cover Models


Underguide Design - This model can be incorporated into new pool construction for a more discreet application. This design can also be incorporated into a pool with a raised wall, vanishing edge, spa and many other unique construction designs.  Please contact us with any design questions or concerns.

Vanishing Edge - This safety pool cover option is becoming more and more popular. With sloping yards and expansive views this is great option.  The pool seems to disappear into the landscape.  This application allows you to inconspicuously incorporate a pool cover system into the design with the same reliability you can expect from standard installations.

Raised Bond Beam - Raised walls around pools are interesting and useful landscaping features that enhance any pool environment. They can act as retaining walls for sloping yards or attractive flower and shrubbery beds.  You can be confident that the automatic cover system is designed to conform to most raised wall applications. 

  • In order for the system to work, an underguide track is hung with anchors under a cantilevered edge.  Be sure to contact us early in the design process to incorporate this feature

Deckmount Designs  


Custom Redwood Bench - This model is optimal for existing swimming pools and pools that are non-rectangular in shape.  The custom built bench conceals the cover system unit and can be used as extra seating or a raised sunbathing platform.  The bench may be stained or painted to match any outside living décor.

Deckmount redwoodbench_edited.jpg
Top Track with redwood bench.jpg

Recessed Deckmount- Recessed deckmount guide systems are designed with the mechanisms recessed below the deck and the cover and guides are mounted on the decks surface. Flush mounted guides are optional.

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