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Pool Cover Maintenance Services

For optimal performance of your automatic pool cover, we recommend scheduling Basic Maintenance 2-3 times a year, this ensures that your cover runs smoothly and that the mechanism is well maintained.


Cleaning your cover is recommended at least once a year or as needed. Below is a breakdown of these services.

Basic System Maintenance

• Lubricate all pulleys

• Grease all fittings

• Adjust cover operation

• Flush dirt from tracks

• Remove debris from cover vault

• Tighten any loose screws

• Do a 13-point system checklist

Cover Clean Service

Provide Basic System Maintenance

• Clean Cover Housing

Debris in the cover vault can clog drains, impede cover operation and the cover can drag debris into the pool. We thoroughly clean vault area and flush drains.

Clean & Treat Cover

We scrub the cover with approved soap and dress it with a water based, UV resistant dressing.

Please contact us directly for service,scheduling or pricing inquiries.  

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