Save Up To 70% On Pool Heating and Chemical Costs 

An automatic pool cover system can save you up to 85% on pool heating and chemical costs. According to the US Department of Energy, a pool cover is the best way to reduce heat loss and save on your pool's energy bill.

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Automatic Safety Pool Cover Systems

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A Safer Pool
The system is designed to give you peace of mind and to fully enjoy your pool without worries.
Secured Key Switch
No need to worry about unsafe access to  the cover system operations because the key switch is covered by a lockable box. 
ASTM Safety Cover Material
We use only cover fabric which has been tested and certified to meet the American Standard for testing and materials (ASTM).
UL Electrical & Safety Cover Certified
With electricity near a pool, you want to be sure it's safe. Our systems are UL listed and certified to meet the stringent standards for safety.

Save Up To 90% On Water 

Because cover systems are easy to use, the cover can stay on the pool whenever you're not using it. The cover acts like a lid and prevents up to 90% of the water evaporation. When pool water evaporates, it takes heat and pool chemicals with it. 


Save Up To 50% On Electricity 

Pool filtering cycle times can be reduced dramatically, often by over 50% if a pool cover is used frequently. Instead of filtering a pool 8-10 hours a day for an uncovered pool, just a few hours is all that is typically needed.
   A Cleaner Pool Means Less Work

The pool cover acts as a lid, keeping out debris, leaves, dirt and other objects that make your pool dirty and unenjoyable.  
                     More Fun

An automatic pool cover can substantially increase the length of your swimming season.
The cover can retain most of the heat and it acts as a passive solar heat collector, extending  your summer fun 4 to 7 months longer - which means more fun for you and your family!!
Save Up To 70% On Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are lost when your pool water evaporates. By stopping the evaporation process, your pools chemicals stay in the pool where they belong, saving you up to 70% on pool chemical costs.
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Marx Enterprises Inc.
201 Bryant St, Unit 2C
Ojai, CA 93023

Phone: 805.646.4232

Toll Free: 877.473.2943

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Many parts of the U.S. are experiencing drought conditions and several are experiencing a severe drought, including California. 

In response, some communities have tried to conserve water by restricting the number of new pools being constructed or by limiting how these pools are filled.  However, an average swimming pool actually uses less water per year than does watering a lawn of the same size.

While many factors determine a pools use of water, most of the water loss comes from evaporation.  With that evaporation, it also take expense heat and chemicals with it.  One of the best ways to prevent this is to install an automatic pool cover.  
When you add a pool cover, you prevent between 90%-95% of this evaporation.

Example:  A 20'x40' pool evaporating at 1" per week, without a pool cover, loses 26,000 gallons of water each year; With a pool cover, loses only 2600 gallons of water, saving 23,400 gallons.